martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Where are the Spanish resources?

There are many times when I find a great resource in English, but I cannot find a similar resource in Spanish.  When this occurs, I have to create my own version in Spanish.  As teachers, we do not have to reinvent the wheel, but sometimes we have to translate the wheel into Spanish.  There was another similar situation that frustrated me. When I changed from an ESL teacher to the Spanish bilingual 1st/2nd grade teacher in my school, there was another non-bilingual teacher who also changed from kindergarten to 2nd grade (Heather, I am talking about you!)  The other teachers were very nice for giving us at least 20 worksheets for the first week of classes.  Heather didn’t have to do anything more for the first week of classes.  If I had wanted to use those worksheets, I would have had to translate them all into Spanish.  Yes, I know a little bit of Spanish, but I am a native English speaker.  I am not a robot – I cannot translate as fast as a computer (and we cannot rely on computer translations because they are direct word by word translations that don’t always make sense!)

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